#WeAreDavidsTent // 28-29 Aug 2020

We are incredibly sad that we're not able to gather as usual this year. We are calling on everyone to engage in worship safely from home instead and inviting you to take part in something we are calling #WeAreDavidsTent

WHAT IS #WeAreDavidsTent?

We are inviting everyone to worship at home over the weekend that we’d normally be down on the Wiston Estate together. We are encouraging people to stream their expression of worship on their own social media channels (if they think it could serve and help others to engage with the Lord). There’s no barrier to entry for people to participate - everyone can take part. Throughout the 24 hours we will be on our social media regularly sharing encouragements to worship and what we sense the Lord is saying and doing.

We won't be broadcasting any live worship ourselves - instead we will be re-posting to other people’s live streams so that people can engage (see more below).


The ‘event’ is officially going to be between 8pm on Friday 28th August - 8pm on Saturday 29th August. You can take part at any time during this - maybe think about when might work best for you and also when might be a time you’d want to cover that others might not be able to do. We’re not curating a set programme so anyone can join at any time, for however long they can.


Simply worship Jesus - wherever you are, in whatever way you can, for however long you can (following the latest Covid guidelines). If you do want to stream then do so on your own social media channel (InstaLive or Facebook Live) and simply use the hashtag #WeAreDavidsTent. (It doesn’t have to be a big production - just whatever you have to hand).

We’ve created some Spotify playlists to help us engage in worship over the weekend. You may not be a musician yourself so we pray these playlists can help facilitate times of adoration and encounter with the Lord:

‘LIVE WORSHIP’ - Celebrate, Adore, Encounter, Exalt. (Live worship moments and songs from worship teams who have led at David’s Tent over the last nine years). Listen HERE

‘CONTEMPLATE’ - Reflective songs that invite you to meditate on his goodness as you worship. Listen HERE


Jesus is worthy! Since the beginning of DT it has always been a gathering of many voices with one heart - to honour and worship Jesus. There’s simply no substitute for meeting together in person and we are desperately sad we’re not able to do so this year. As long as the restrictions remain in place we need to worship safely from home and gather in ways that don’t put others at risk.

We prayed about options about whether we could put together a big online media production as an alternative to the weekend but we felt that it could miss out on how DT is always the invitation for everyone to participate in worship. Over the 24 hours we’d love to bombard the internet with many different local expressions of worship that builds unity, hope and turns everyone’s attention to beautiful Jesus. We’re asking people to stream only if they feel like it could serve others (particularly as not everyone is able to sing/play).

We would love for you to take part and worship with us!



- Go to search - search the hashtag #wearedavidstent

- Make sure you follow the hashtag to stay up to date. (When you go to the hashtag you can select to see the top posts or the most recent).

- Click on the story button to view stories that have used the hashtag / find live video streams


On facebook simply search for the hashtag #Wearedavidstent in the search and you should see the latest posts featuring the hashtag.




- Before starting your Insta-live video go to Settings > Privacy > Story - make sure 'Allow resharing stories' is selected.

- Make sure you add the hashtag #wearedavidstent into the title of your Insta-live video before you start streaming. You can also mention @davids_tent in the title and we will try to re-post to your livestream.


- Make sure you add the hashtag #WeAreDavidsTent into the title and/or description of your livestream.

- Make sure the post is set to 'public' so others who may not be your facebook friends can find and engage.