There are two questions that I’m most asked about when discussing David’s Tent; as we approach the fifth year of hosting an amazing summer event, I thought it would be great to reflect upon these two questions.

The first question, which is a great one, is this, “Why do we worship?”  My answer… because God tells us too.

“Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name…” Hebrews 13:15.

I don’t see Worship as some cold and lifeless practice that we express out of obligation on a Sunday morning. It’s an incredible continual voyage of discovery that we’re caught up in as we pursue the Father with honesty, continually being guided by the Spirit 24/7.

The second question, “Why do we worship for 72 hours?”  My answer… We don’t have to pitch a tent for 72 hours and facilitate non-stop worship, but we get to.

I’ve been discovering that there is much more beauty held within a journey than there is in arriving at the destination. I’ve found that my life’s greatest lessons have been learnt in going through the valleys, not standing on the mountain top. I believe it’s more important to be asking ourselves why we worship than it is to talk about the methods we use to worship. Not stopping short at what songs are being played at church and whether we like it enough to be ‘moved’. But more why we’ve got out of bed to stand in our pew for Jesus.

Worship doesn’t need to be redefined but perhaps it does need to be reimagined.

I believe David’s Tent is an environment that encourages worship to be reimagined; that enables us to be surrounded by an environment of worship, to be caught up in continual dialogue rather than singular moments. David’s Tent is an environment that encourages us to engage in conversation with the Father and step away from the mentality of being ‘moved’ by moments of worship. I honestly don’t believe that’s what worship is in it’s entirety anyway! I believe worship is meant to be both individual and corporate; a healthy view of worship is focused on true personal faithfulness alongside the incredible outward expressions we see at events like our own.

We frequently share videos on our social media that capture moments of extravagant expression in our highlighted session’s, which we love and value highly. Those extravagant moments are the fruits of the journey people have had with God during the 72 hours.  What’s often unseen are the countless moments individuals lay face down in that space before God, with their bible open and note book in hand curating what the Father is revealing to them. Those are the moments I get excited about! It’s these faithful moments that so often fuel those highlighted ones, and vice versa.

The 72 hours is our way of creating an environment that can host dialogue between our Father and His children. We have the opportunity to extravagantly give space to glorify Him and put Him in the middle of the frame of our lives; receiving from His good nature and watching it unfold in each of us. We’re in the middle of a romance!  We have a Father that delights in us and as we continue to bring Him glory, it delights him all the more. This exchange goes way beyond the 72 hours, the corporate song and the confines of melody. It enters into the realm of business, stretches to creative thought, missional pursuit, and acts of love. Ultimately as He fills the frame of our endeavours, our lives brings glory to God. These 72 hours are just the beginning!
I don’t want David’s Tent to inspire people to go facilitate better worship services, I want people to come away ALIVE with the Father’s love. May it run so deep within us. May it be branded on our hearts.


Come and join us at David’s Tent 2016.