Del Mar Fairgrounds // 8-11 Oct 2020

DTSoCal Tickets can be purchased HERE. On arrival at registration by the main event area your tickets will be scanned and you will be issued with an event wristband.

Apply to be a Team Builder HERE

  • Do you do refunds?

    As per our terms and conditions we cannot provide refunds for any tickets/products purchased. If you are unable to attend we ask you to try and transfer your ticket to a friend. Please see below for how to do this.

  • I am unable to attend anymore, what can I do with my ticket?

    If you are unable to attend, you can transfer your ticket to a friend. In order to do this please email us at [email protected] with the name and contact details (email and address) of the person/people you want to transfer to. Any cost associated with the tickets will be done yourself. We are not in a position to provide refunds as part of a ticket transfer.

  • Does my event ticket include camping?

    No - in order to camp you must buy an Event Ticket AND a campsite spot. Campsite spots are 15ft x 15ft and can be shared with others in your group. Both tickets and campsite spots can be purchased HERE

  • What does my ticket include?

    Full Event tickets give you access to the site for the duration of the event.

    Day tickets give you access to the site from 08:00 through to 23:30 on the day your ticket is valid.

    Please note - Del Mar Fairgrounds charge a $15 parking fee per day for each vehicle.

  • Do I need to print my ticket off?

    No - you are welcome to print your ticket off but if you want to reduce on use of paper you can also simply show the QR Code from a smartphone or mobile device at registration. We scan the code and issue your corresponding wristband. (Ticket QR codes are unique and can only be scanned in once).

  • Where are my tickets? I can't find them

    After ordering you should receive a confirmation email with a link to your event tickets (please check your email junk/spam folders). The confirmation should come from our email address so search for emails from [email protected] in your inbox.

    You can also access any previously ordered tickets and view past orders at the Ticketspice customer portal:


    If you are still having trouble locating your tickets then contact us at [email protected]

  • Do you sell tickets at the gate?

    If there are still tickets available we will sell them at the gate (subject to availability). Gate prices will be increased from online so we strongly suggest you book your tickets before arriving.

  • Can I upgrade my ticket onsite?

    Yes - if you have purchased a day ticket then you are able to upgrade your ticket onsite at registration.


Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, San Diego, CA 92014

Attendees need to arrive through the main entrance of Jimmy Durante. Please note Del Mar Fairgrounds charge a $15 for all cars paid on arrival. This is charged each time you enter the site so please be a aware of this if you are planning to come and go each day.

  • Arrival & Parking

    Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, San Diego, CA 92014

    Delegates need to arrive through the main entrance of Jimmy Durante. Please note Del Mar Fairgrounds charge a $15 per day for all cars paid on arrival. This is charged each time you enter the site so please be a aware of this if you are planning to come and go each day.

    There is a shuttle service that takes you from the parking lot to the event area which is a short distance away from the main car park.

    Campers need to use a differnt entrance - please see camping information on emails sent out in the week before the event.

  • How do I get to David's Tent if I am not driving?

    Please check public transportation information ahead of time.


Our campsite is a short walk away from the main event area. The ground is hard compact dirt, so it is recommended that you bring weights to tie lines to or hold down tents. The campsite is open to attendees from 16:00 on Thursday 8th October. All campers must be off the campsite by 16:00 on Sunday 11th October.

Campers will need to arrive via the Solana Gate entrance in order to access the campsite parking lot. Please see campsite emails for more information.

  • Campsite Opening and Closing Times

    The campsite is open to attendees from 16:00 on Thursday 8th October. All campers must be off the campsite by 16:00 on Sunday 11th October.

  • What is included in my camping fee?

    Your camping fee covers access to the campsite, the use of the onsite facilities including toilets and showers, and access to fresh water across the campsite.

  • Campsite Rules

    Alcohol, drugs, weapons, fighting, lewd conduct, reckless driving, speeding, skateboarding, loud noise or any conduct deemed to be a nuisance and/or a violation of law are not permitted.

    Non-contained fires for cooking and/or heating are not permitted.

    Any type of fencing, barriers, pallets, etc. Are not permitted.

    Quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

    Selling, advertising or distribution of any product (including alcohol) is prohibited.

    All pets must be in compliance with all rules of the san diego county department of animal services. Dogs must be licensed and kept on a leash (max. 10 ft.) At all times, and cannot be tied to a vehicle or left alone. Occupants will be evicted if their dogs engage in excessive barking or demonstrate aggressive behavior. Pets are not permitted in the restrooms, laundry room or from entering any building. You must clean up after your pet.

    Any occupant, guest, their children or their visitors who become a nuisance may be asked to leave the grounds

    There will be no refunds for occupants evicted from the facility.

  • Can I bring my RV?

    RV Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance HERE. (You DO NOT need to pay the Camping Fee if you have paid for the RV space fee).

    RV Spaces are available from 12:00 on 10/08/2019 and close at 16:00 10/11/2019

    Spaces are long, they should be long enough for a very large RV and one car is allowed with each RV. Spots are long, but not wide. They will be very close to their neighbors.

  • How large are the camping spots?

    Each space is 15’x15’ and will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis, there is no way to “reserve” a specific spot.

    There must be 3’ between each tent, whether that is within the 15x15 space or the neighboring camping spot. This 3’ gap does no include guy ropes.

  • Can I bring my car onto the campsite?

    No vehicles of ANY kind are permitted in camping area (except Pre-Booked RV’s)

    You will not be able to drive your vehicles into the camping area to unload. You will need to unload in the parking lot adjacent to the campsite. There will be wagons available to assist in carrying bags and equipment from your car to the campsite.

  • Am I allowed a fire onsite?

    There are NO open flame fires, barbeques, or anything with fire allowed in camping area.

    All cooking stoves must be propane only.

  • What should I bring?

    Each camper is required to bring their own tent, suitable warm sleeping bag and ground mat/campbed and warm clothing (including wet weather gear). Campers are also encouraged to bring thier own food for the duration of the event and means to prepare it.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    There are stictly no animals allowed onsite except for registered guide dogs.

  • Can I camp in my car?

    Del Mar Fairgrounds strictly don't allow people to camp in their cars under any circumstances.


The 24 hour worship area is in a beautiful courtyard known as 'the Paddock'. Let's honor each other as we honor the Lord together. We want to keep this as a sacred space for just worshipping Jesus so please take any conversations into the village area.

  • Are there chairs to sit down?

    There are a limited number of chairs in the raised areas of the courtyard where the worship space is. Please do not bring any additional chairs into the worship space as it will damage the surface.

  • Can I bring my own instrument?

    Please do not bring your own instruments into the worship space (unless you have been invited to lead others in worship with your instrument).

  • Is there the site accessible for wheelchair users?

    The site is fully accessible to wheelchair users. We have a special area reserved for wheelchair users to use with good visibility of the stage. Please ask ushers for directions to this area.

  • Is there prayer ministry available?

    We have a specially trained prayer ministry team ready to pray with anyone who would like prayer at various points throughout the day.

    Please do not pray for strangers without their consent at any time.

  • Can I bring my flags to worship with?

    Yes - there is a designated area in the worship space for the use of flags in worship. Please do not use any flags outside of this area for safety reasons.

  • Who will be playing this year and when?

    The schedule for the event will be in the program which you will be given when you arrive on site.

  • What does the event program look like?

    The main tent hosts non-stop sung worship throughout the duration of the event. In the main tent there are no talks and no commercial breaks - just corporately pressing in to God's heart in worship and lifting up praise to Jesus.

    We kick off our Worship schedule at 18:30 on Thursday 10th which runs continuously through to 18:30 on Sunday 13th. We encourage delegates to spend as much time as they can worshipping but also to be free to take time in community around the site.


The worship space is in an open air paddock - we will not have a tent or shade covering so please come prepared for this. See more general event questions below.

  • What can I expect onsite?

    Firstly and most importantly is the worship space in the main courtyard (the paddock) - this is where the full schedule of our Worship is held 24 hrs a day from 18:30 Thursday evening through to 18:30 Sunday evening.

    In Mission Tower building we will run Breakout Sessions exploring the heart of worship and tools to cultivate a lifestyle of worship.

    Our Marketplace will have a number of market stalls and charities for you to engage with and prayer ministry teams will be on site to pray with you.

    There will be a range of food vendors selling various food options throughout the event.

  • Is the event outside?

    Yes - the worship space is an open air paddock - we won't have a tent or shade covering. We recommend bringing sunscreen and sunglasses for the hottest part of the day.

  • What food options are available onsite?

    We have a number of food vendors onsite for the duration of the event and a cafe. You are not permitted to bring your own food into the event. (Campers are permitted to bring, prepare and consume their own food in the campsite).

  • Will there be WiFi?

    David's Tent does not offer attendees internet access. We encourage you to come with intention of spending time with the Lord and with those around you and get away from the internet.

  • Can I use my credit card onsite?

    Yes - all areas operated by Davids Tent onsite can take both cash and card payments. There are also ATM facilities on site.

  • Will DT merchandise be on sale?

    We have a limited amount of DT merchandise on sale in the Resource Zone. You are also able to purchase CDs of our brand new David's Tent Live album there.

  • I have misplaced something - is there lost & found?

    All lost items will be taken to the information point at Registration.

  • What time will the site gates be open?

    The fairgrounds gate is open 24 hours a day. The worship space is open 24 hours a day during the event.

  • Do you have phone charging on site?

    We don't have phone charging facilities available on site.

  • What do I do if my child is missing?

    If your child is missing please alert an usher or member of team as soon as possible. We have a lost child procedure to help search the site and locate your child as quickly and as safely as possible. Please take care to supervise your children at all times.

  • What if I need medical attention during the event?

    We have a first aid response team onsite for any emergencies.