28-31 AUGUST // Wiston Estate, Sussex

  • What can I expect on the site?

    Firstly and most importantly is the Big Top, this is where the full schedule of our Worship is held 24 hrs a day from Friday afternoon through to Monday Afternoon. In addition to this we have an number of smaller venues which include a café, kids and youth venues, our Resource Tent which has a number of market stalls and charities for you to engage with, a prayer tent with a programme of intercession throughout the weekend and our Breakout tent which runs a schedule of seminars and breakout sessions. In addition to this we have a number of food vendors selling various food options throughout the event.

  • What food options are available onsite?

    We have a number of food vendors onsite for the duration of the event ranging from fish and chips, to vegan options to ice cream. We have tried to cover as many bases as possible including 'free from' options - most of the vendors will have a gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options. We would also encourage you to bring food with you. We do not have a supermarket/food store onsite so come prepared with any basics you require (e.g. breakfast, snacks and plenty of water).

    You are very welcome to bring your own food onto site.

  • What if I need medical attention when at the event?

    We have a highly experienced medical team, including doctors, nurses and paramedics onsite for the duration of the event if you have any medical issues. We also have a welfare team onsite for more triage based issues. Both of these tents are situated in the main arena field a short walk from the back of the big top.

  • Will there be retailers and somewhere I can buy a snazzy t-shirt or a funky hat?

    This year we have our Resource Tent which has 30+ retailers and exhibitors selling products ranging from clothing and jewellery through to stationary and promoting a number of key charities and movements from around the UK and the world. The resource tent is located in the main Arena Field. The tent will be open daily from 11:00 - 19:00

  • Will I be able to use my card onsite?

    All areas operated by Davids Tent onsite (Registration, Café, Resource Tent) can take both cash and card payments. Our registration also offers cashback. Many of our food vendors will also take card payments but we cannot guarentee this so some cash will be useful.

  • Will I have access to the internet onsite?

    David's Tent does not offer delegate internet access. The site being in the country side means there can also be patchy signal in certain parts of the site. We encourage you to come with intention of spending time with the Lord and with those around you and get away from the internet.

  • Do you have phone charging on site?

    There is a phone charging station in the Registration Tent for a small fee. This operates only from the Saturday evening onwards.

  • I have misplaced something, is there a lost property?

    All lost items will be taken to the information point in the Registration Tent.

  • What do I do if my child is missing?

    If your child is missing please alert a steward or member of team as soon as possible. We have a lost child procedure to help search the site and locate your child as quickly and as safely as possible. Please take care to supervise your children at all times. Bear in mind that phone signal on the site is very poor so we advise that you don't rely on your phone to locate your child during the event.

  • What time will the site be open?

    The carpark is open from 07:00 - 23:30 each day. Outside of these hours you will not be able to leave or enter the Event Site.


  • What does the event programme look like?

    The main tent hosts non-stop sung worship throughout the duration of the event. In the main tent there are no talks and no commercial breaks - just collectively pressing in to God's heart in worship and lifting up praise to Jesus.

    We kick off our Worship schedule at 14:00 on Friday 28th which runs continuously through to 14:00 on Monday 31st. We encourage attendees to spend as much time as they can worshipping but also to be free to take time in community around the site.

  • Wait, am I allowed to leave the tent to go to the loo?!

    Yes! You can come and go into the tent as suits you. David's Tent is a place where you don't need to rush away from a great conversation in order to get to the 'main session' - the worship is continously going so you can also rest and invest time with friends and with the Lord across the site.

  • Who will be playing this year and when?

    We have a wide range of worship teams who are key voices within the UK as well as a number of friends from the US and around the world. The schedule for the event will be in the programme which you will be given when you arrive on site. We will be highlighting those worship teams who are joining us on our website throughout the year.

  • Can I bring a blanket into the Big Top?

    The Big Top is a big tent but it also has a lot of people in it and so we ask everyone to be considerate of those around them. This means being considerate if saving space for your friends or family etc. You are allowed to use blankets in the day time but we ask you to remove them after 17:30 each evening when the tent is at its busiest.

  • Are there chairs to sit down?

    There are a limited number of chairs at the back of the big top for those who need them. These chairs cannot be moved around the tent for health a safety reasons. You are welcome to bring your own camping chair with you but you will be asked to fold it down and remove it after 17:30 in the evenings.

  • Will there be a hearing loop?

    If you are hearing impaired there is an induction loop placed near the front left of the main stage. See marked signs or ask one of our tent stewards for help locating this area.

  • Is there a space for wheelchair users?

    We have a special area reserved for wheelchair users to use with good visibility of the stage. Please see stewards for directions to this area.

  • Can I bring my flags to worship with?

    Yes - there is a special area at the back of the tent reserved for the use of flags in worship. Please do not use any flags outside of this area for safety reasons.

  • Can I bring my own instrument?

    Please do not bring your own instruments into the tent (unless you have been invited to lead others in worship with your instrument).

  • Is there prayer ministry available?

    We have a specially trained prayer ministry team at the back of the tent ready to pray with anyone who would like prayer.

    Please do not pray for strangers without their consent at any time.

  • Can I sleep in the tent?

    No - you must sleep in a tent or caravan overnight. Sleeping bags are not permitted in the main tent.


  • Do you do refunds?

    As per our terms and conditions we cannot provide refunds for any tickets/products purchased. If you are unable to attend we ask you to try and transfer your ticket to a friend. Please see below for how to do this.

  • I am unable to attend anymore, what can I do with my ticket?

    If you are unable to attend, you can transfer your ticket to a friend. In order to do this please email us at [email protected] with the name and contact details (email and address) of the person/people you want to transfer to. Any cost associated with the tickets will be done yourself. We are not in a position to provide refunds as part of a ticket transfer.

  • What does my ticket include?

    All Event tickets gives you access to the site for the duration of the event. This includes the Arena field which has the Big Top, the café, our food vendors and a number of other event venues.

    Onsite tickets include a £15pp camping fee that also gives you access to the campsite from 09:00 on Friday 28th through to 15:00 on Monday 31st.

    For day ticket holders your ticket gives you access to the site from 07:00 through to 23:30 on the day your ticket is valid.

    Weekend ticket holders are allowed on site from 07:00 on Saturday 29th through to 23:30 on Sunday 30th including the campsite.

    All ticket types include free onsite parking.

  • What is your ticketing platform?

    We use Ticketspice for all of our event tickets. All the pages are secured by 256 bit encryption and your data will always be kept securely.

  • Where are my tickets? I can't find them

    After ordering you should receive a confirmation email with a link to your event tickets (please check your email junk/spam folders). The confirmation should come from our email address so search for emails from [email protected] in your inbox.

    You can also access any previously ordered tickets and view past orders at the Ticketspice customer portal:


    If you are still having trouble locating your tickets then contact us at [email protected]

  • Do I need to print my ticket off?

    No - you are welcome to print your ticket off but if you want to reduce on use of paper you can also simply show the QR Code from a smartphone or mobile device at registration. We scan the code and issue your corresponding wristband. (Ticket QR codes are unique and can only be scanned in once).

  • Do you make any provision for carers?

    We offer carers a 50% discount on tickets for the event. To access this discount please get in touch at [email protected]

  • Do you sell tickets at the gate?

    If there are still tickets available we will sell them at the gate subject to availability. Gate prices will be increased from online so we strongly suggest you book your tickets before arriving.

  • Why do you charge money for tickets?

    Simply because it costs a significant amount of money to host events like these. The Wiston Estate is a green sheep field for most of the year so we need to bring in all of the infrastructure, electricity, toilets, showers, tents, furniture etc. from external suppliers. David's Tent is a charitable organisation and we don't make money form our events. Ticket sales make up the vast majority of our revenue that ensures we can pay all of the suppliers and stay financially viable. We also have a value for maintaining a unified space of worship that is free from commercial breaks and not controlled by any particular external organisation. This freedom comes at the cost of us not having a safety net to fall back on so we need to be financially responsible to make sure the events pay for themselves primarily on ticket sales and donations. We do everything we can to keep the tickets as cheap as possible. Do get in touch if you have any further questions on this.


  • Campsite Opening & Closing Times

    Opening: the main gates, car park, campsite and registration open at 09:00 on the Friday 28th Aug. The arena field open at 11:00 on Friday 28th Aug.

    Closing: On Monday 31st the campsite closes at 09:30. We advise all campers to pack down their tents and pack your gear in your car before coming to the morning session. The campsite showers will be disconnected from 09:00 on the Monday morning.

    All campers must be completely off the campsite by 15:00 on Monday 31st August.

  • Campsite Rules

    A full list of the campsite rules will be sent out prior to the Event. The headlines include - be considerate of your fellow campers. We operate quiet hours bewteen 22:30 - 07:00. Camping spaces are on a first come first serve basis.

  • Can I bring my caravan?

    Caravans and campervans are welcome at David's Tent. All caravans need to be booked in when you book your ticket. We also offer electrical hook ups for caravans/campervans that can be purchased in advance HERE. Please note, all caravans and campervans will be placed in designated caravan areas. We offer hook ups only for tents with Electrical Access Ports (ePorts). If you purchase a hook up for your tent you will be asked to pitch in the designated hook up area.

  • Can I camp in my car?

    We don't allow people to camp in their cars or vans inless they are modified to be suitable due to health and safety restrictions.

  • Can I bring my car onto the campsite?

    Cars can not be driven onto the campsite at any time. The car park is situated in the same field - there are a team with trolleys to help assist carrying luggage to the campsite if needed.

    Cars used to tow caravans will only be allowed onto the caravan campsite for drop off and pick up. (Access permits for this will be issued on arrival).

  • Easy Access Camping

    There is a section of the main campsite reserved solely for those with reduced mobility. Please only camp in this area if this applies to you. (The disabled campsite in the main event field is strictly limited to weelchair users - please). Email [email protected] for more details.

  • Family Camping Area

    There is a marked area of the campsite for those coming to David's Tent with children. Space here is allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

  • What is included in my camping fee?

    Your camping fee covers access to the campsite, the use of the onsite facilities including loos and showers, and access to fresh water across the campsite. It also covers the insurance for your time onsite and other administrative costs associtated with the running of the campsite.

  • Am I allowed a fire onsite?

    Campers are allowed to use camping stoves and small, off the ground contained BBQ's. Campfires of any kind and disposable BBQ's are not permitted in the campsite.

  • What should I bring?

    Each camper is required to bring their own tent, suitable warm sleeping bag and ground mat/campbed and warm clothing (including wet weather gear). Campers are also encouraged to bring thier own food for the duration of the event and means to prepare it.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    There are stictly no animals allowed onsite except for registered guide dogs.


  • Car Park Opening & Closing Times

    The carpark is open from 09:00 on the morning of Friday 28th August.

    On the other days the car park is open from 07:00 - 23:30 each day. Outside of these hours you will not be able to leave or enter the Event Site. All offsite and day ticket holders must leave the site before 23:30 each day.

    The car park closes at 15:30 on Monday 31st August.

    The road leaving the site is very fast and dangerous. When leaving the site you must turn left - those travelling towards Brighton can travel the short distance to the Storrington roundabout to turn around.

  • Event Postcode & Entrance

    Postcode: BN44 3DZ

    Follow the traffic signs to the main event entrance (East Gate) along the A283. There is no event access via Mouse Lane.

  • How do I get to David's Tent?


    Address: Wiston Park, Steyning, BN44 3DZ

    Follow the road signs to the event entrance via A283 (Washington Road) - please note - there is no access to site via Mouse Lane

    Gates open at 09:00am on Friday 28th. There is free parking at the event. Cars are not permitted access to the campsite at any time.


    The closest train station is Shoreham-by-Sea. For travel information please visit National Rail Website HERE. Do not walk from the station (dangerous roads.)

    Taxis from the Station:
    Bel-Cabs – 070 9330 2644
    Shoreham Taxis – 01273 317 057


    The nearest airport to the Wiston Estate is London Gatwick.

    From there you can take a train to the nearest station Shoreham-by-Sea (change at Hayward's Heath). Please see https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ for more details


    We run a shuttle bus to get people to site from the train station. The service runs from Shoreham-By-Sea station to Wiston Estate only on Friday 28th August.

    The service runs from Wiston Estate to Shoreham-By-Sea station only on Monday 31st August.

    Shuttle bus tickets will go on sale later in the year.

  • Is there a carpark onsite?

    Davids Tent has free carparking onsite for both All Event ticket holders and Day Ticket holders. Upon arrival you will be directed where to park by our carpark team. You must park before registering, visiting the campsite or the arena field.

  • How far is the carpark from the campsite?

    Our carpark and campsite share the same field. It is however a large field and so may be a 5-10 minute walk from your car to your camping area, a maxium of 350m depending on where you're placed in the campsite grids.

    Camping spaces are first come, first serve so the earlier you arrive the better. (See more info in the Campsite FAQs)

  • How do I get to David's Tent if I am not driving?

    If you aren't driving there are a number of options. You can get a taxi. We have a taxi drop off point beside our registration tent. David's Tent also operates a shuttle bus service from the nearest train station Shoreham-by-sea. The shuttlebus operates from the station to the site on Friday 28th and from the site to the station on Monday 31st. Shuttle bus times are available on our website where you can also purchase tickets. Tickets for the shuttle bus cannot be bought on the bus so please purchase ahead of your journey.

  • When leaving the site you must turn left

    The road leaving the site is very fast and dangerous. When leaving the site you must turn left - those travelling towards Brighton can travel the short distance to the Storrington roundabout to turn around.