• Steffany Gretzinger

    Steffany carries a powerful prophetic voice and pursues the Lord with raw passion, faith, and confidence in His presence.

  • Laura Hackett Park

    Laura's motivation for music and songwriting comes from a desire to draw people back to God.

  • Jonathan & Melissa Helser

    Jonathan & Melissa have devoted their lives to discipleship. When they are not traveling, they are leading schools, internships, and pursuing kingdom family and community.

  • Loud Harp

    Ever since meeting each other, Asher Seevinck (Seafinch) & Dave Wilton (A Boy & His Kite) joked about starting a band together. In April of 2011 it happened... by accident.

  • Samuel Lane

    Samuel is fiercely passionate about the presence of God and continues to write songs to Him, for the church.

  • Jeremy Riddle

    Jeremy carries a passion for God’s presence and his worship leading stirs up hunger, freedom, and adoration towards the Lord.

  • Jon Thurlow

    Jon is passionate about creating music that will be an onramp for people to connect with the heart of Jesus.

  • Amanda Cook

    Amanda's worship wraps words and pictures around what it is like to live honestly and passionately connected to God, discovering greater fullness and wonder in every season with Him.

  • Rich & Lydia di Castiglione

    Rich & Lydia are wild worshippers whose hearts burn to see God's love transform lives everywhere they go.

  • Sean Feucht

    Sean's lifelong quest and dream is to witness a generation of burning hearts arise across the nations of the world with renewed faith, vision and sacrificial pursuit after the Presence of God.

  • Lucy Grimble

    Lucy's desire is to create a unifying sound of worship that ignites hearts to pursue God more and to walk in a radical love for Him, for ourselves and for one another.

  • Danny O'Callaghan

    Danny carries a heart to see people sing their own song to God. For people to not see worship as ritualistic but rather a rich discovery of the Father's heart.