Even though some of the restrictions may ease between now and October, the clear expectation is that we will still need to maintain a high level of social distancing in order to prevent further spread of the virus. We want to be responsible and participate in helping protect the most vulnerable in society. We also sense that it’s far too risky to plan a festival that has a strong potential of getting cancelled. In light of all this, we believe the best thing for our community at this stage is to plan for an amazing celebration together next year.

We do believe that the Body of Christ needs to gather together now more than ever before. We await with anticipation the opportunity when it is safe to do so. We will resume our regular worship nights in San Diego and planning for a 2021 festival when the time is right. Over the last 9 years David’s Tent has held festivals in the UK where lives have been transformed, people have been healed and set free and the body has been awakened in unity. Our very first festival in the US last year was a beautiful start to what we feel the Lord has designed David’s Tent for in San Diego. We believe that we have only just begun see the beautiful outpouring that the Lord has for his people and we aim to pursue that in the corporate space as soon as we can.

David’s Tent is unique in many ways, but in particular, we are an organisation that is ‘owned’ by its community. We exist primarily because of your interest and investment in gathering to worship Jesus with us. We are sustained by each of our ticket holders and individual donors rather than large underwriters or partners. This has helped us to maintain the very organic nature of David’s Tent being solely for worship and free from other promotion. If David’s Tent has been a blessing to you and you are in the position to donate your 2020 ticket to help us go forward, then we would be blessed to receive that. However, if you are in need of a refund, we will be processing those in this circumstance.

We anticipate the dramatic celebration to be had when we all come together again in 2021 to worship Jesus with more boldness, extravagance and gratitude than ever before. We can’t wait, but until then… ‘extol the Lord at all times, let his praise be ever on your lips, glorify the Lord, let the afflicted hear and rejoice.’ Psalms 34:1-2. Let’s be the outworking of the tabernacle of David in our homes and communities. We believe that an awakening is upon us, the nations are hungry for truth and hope. We are the carriers of the presence of God and the hope of the Gospel. Now is the time for the boldness we’ve prayed for and the demonstration of our Faith. He is worthy!

Much love,

Tiffany Buhler

Managing Director