We are committed to honoring god and

preparing a holy place where only he is exalted


David’s Tent is a 72-hour festival where people all around the world across different church denominations and expressions gather together to worship Jesus.

Our Story

You may be wondering why this event is called David’s Tent…When King David brought back the ark to Jerusalem, he set up a special tent for extravagant day and night worship to celebrate the fact that God’s presence was dwelling among the people. It was a prophetic picture of the kind of worship that Jesus made a way for on the cross – a people reunited with God pouring out their hearts in response to His love. 


We are experiencing the beginnings of a move of God where the worship culture of David’s tent is being restored – not in rituals or religious activities but in the hearts and lives of worshippers who would give everything just to meet with the Lord. We invite you to enter in wholeheartedly – be free to fully express your love for the Lord and join us as we worship Him together in unity.

Why David’s Tent?

In the Old Testament, there were two tents of meeting (tabernacles) used for corporate worship – the tabernacle of Moses and the tabernacle of David. God had provided instructions for the tabernacle of Moses (Exodus 26) as a place for ritual sacrifices that were performed by selected priests who would represent the people to God and God to the people. King David later set up another tent to host day and night worship that was open to people from all walks of life to come and participate in (1 Chronicles 16). It was filled with teams of worshippers who would minister to the Lord around the clock with songs, music, and rejoicing.

David’s Tent was a place that people could gather to worship God without being separated from His presence by a veil. It was a prophetic picture of the kind of worship in God’s presence that Jesus made a way for, through His death on the cross (Mark 15:28). In Acts 15, the apostle James addressed the council at Jerusalem with the Amos 9 prophecy about the restoration of David’s fallen tent. The message he relayed was that everyone – regardless of whether Jew or Gentile – are welcome in God’s presence.

Our heart for David’s Tent is not that we would recreate Old Testament biblical rituals but that we would create a space where everyone is free and welcome to enjoy God’s presence in the fullness of unity. We believe that the culture of worship from David’s tabernacle is being restored – not just in a field in Sussex or sunny San Diego, but in the hearts and lives of everyone who comes and builds the community of worshippers in the UK and beyond. Our hope is that people come, get refreshed and return to their churches and communities with the fresh fire of revival, with each of us becoming ‘David’s Tent’ as a lifestyle.

We believe, “A time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth.” John 4:23-24

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